Wondering what a G-Pod is? Here’s the answer

Last Updated: Sunday, May 27, 2012, 08:35
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Wondering what a G-Pod is? Here’s the answer The Japanese seem to be quite talented when it comes to high technology and sexual imagination.

With a g-Pod, a woman can enjoy music and all the other functions of an iPod at arm’s reach during masturbation or foreplay. This device is probably one of the strangest sex toys developed so far. By using a g-Pod, a woman isn`t only linked to a vibrator, but can also make a connection with her mp3 player or cell phone.

While playing music, the g-Pod can emit vibrations according to the current melody. Ichiro Kameda, the creator of the g-Pod, commented on its functions: “The dildo vibrates the same way as music or a voice on the other side of the phone. So, you can use the dildo while your boyfriend, with whom you`re speaking, is on the other side of the world.” The inventor had been developing the idea for four years before he could find a way of making it come true.

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